My Favorite Holiday…


For some it’s turkey at Thanksgiving, others it’s presents at Christmas, but for me it’s the weeks leading to October 31st that warm my heart and rekindle my faith in humanity.  In those weeks, I get to crack open my silicone prosthetic kit in anticipation of what kind of creature I am going to be, knowing that people across the globe, young and old, are all doing the same.  This is the Exorcist punch bowl I made for last year’s Halloween party hosted at my friend Aaron’s loft in Manhattan.  I do not know how many people actually took a taste of whatshe was serving, but it worked like a charm otherwise.

Here’s a video of the punch bowl in action:


Take a trip to…Family Camp!

The heat is on, and it’s time to say goodbye to the old AC…Animation Club, that is!  What was formerly Animation Club has now become the 14-ish member strong Family Camp, and we are preparing to take over the world…or at least get together every two months or so.  Check out our Tumblr Page here, and our Ident over there <<<<<<<.  Special Thanks to Kenny Kusiak for his excellent sound design!

Spring is Here!…Near!

marijayeTwist_03_200pixIt has not been, by anyone’s account, an easy winter. So let us all rejoice in the fact that there does seem to be an end in sight. Just because I was wrapped up in a wool scarf and my winter jacket yesterday, does not mean we will not be sitting outdoors enjoying the fresh air and sunlight soon. BUT, as we patiently wait for t-shirt weather to come, we can still escape by going to animation festivals! Which festival should you attend, you ask? How about the Northwest Animation Festival in Portland, OR where my short Bullets for Breakfast will be playing along with other great films like my friend Robert Milne’s Crow’s Nest! I can’t attend, alas, but if you don’t need to hop on a plane to get there, I suggest you grab yourself a ticket!