Family Camp: Anijam III


A third collaborative effort by our New York-based animation collective Family Camp, each animator was given a portion of the song (created specifically for the project by Matt Cascella and James Downes) and tasked with creating an animated segment starting and ending on the same frame. As well as animating on the project, I managed the production and created the final edit.
Animators in order of appearance:
Emily Friend Roberts
Sarah Rebar/ mari jaye blanchard
Mark Owens Minnig
Emily Friend Roberts
Greg Condon
Natalie Labarre
mari jaye blanchard
Sarah Rebar
Masa Nakamura
Benjy Brooke

This film premiered at Animation Block Party in 2016 and also screened at the Frankly Film Festival in 2017.

One of my segments from Family Camp: Anijam III