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Toon Boom Refresher: Bear

I have used TVPaint since 2004…but sometimes an old dog has to learn new tricks (or in this case add new tricks) because her students use totally different programs than she does and in an educational environment this just does not fly. Hence, this Toon Boom “Evaluation Software” dancing bear!


Here’s to an Inspired 2015!

I am posting the original version of this year’s holiday card I just made for New York Foundation for the Arts before I had to change the “Let It Snow” to “Season’s Greetings” to accommodate those who do not experience snow this time of year…which apparently no longer includes Hawaii.

Music is by the lovely Mandy Heck.

Check it out here:



In a previous life…

For over a decade, my day job was painting murals for Trader Joe’s.  I recently gave up this position, but I figured I’d post some of the oldies but goodies…and by goodies I mean candy or cake! :)

I made hundreds of these painted cut-outs over the years, if I find another chunk of them I’ll post them as well.

Most hand-lettering in these images was done by the wonderful Jason A. Hernandez.

My Favorite Holiday…


For some it’s turkey at Thanksgiving, others it’s presents at Christmas, but for me it’s the weeks leading to October 31st that warm my heart and rekindle my faith in humanity.  In those weeks, I get to crack open my silicone prosthetic kit in anticipation of what kind of creature I am going to be, knowing that people across the globe, young and old, are all doing the same.  This is the Exorcist punch bowl I made for last year’s Halloween party hosted at my friend Aaron’s loft in Manhattan.  I do not know how many people actually took a taste of whatshe was serving, but it worked like a charm otherwise.

Here’s a video of the punch bowl in action:


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