a VR film by mari jaye blanchard

On the playground, a frustrated girl’s jealousy clouds her inner thoughts and takes her deeper into hell, where a simple solution eludes her.


Swing is a virtual-reality film by RIT Assistant Professors mari jaye blanchard, Mark Reisch (VR Technical Director), and Ithaca College Assistant Professor Vicky Mejia Yepes (Sound Design).

Combining 2D, 3D and 2.5D animation techniques, the story unfolds in overlapping acts that depict the internal and external struggles of a frustrated girl who is attempting and failing to swing on a playground swing. As she struggles with the swing, she imagines the demise of the children swinging successfully around her, and anger builds until she ends up taking it out on herself. When she finally hits rock bottom, she lets go. A new perspective is found.

This film utilizes Maya (3D), TVPaint (2D) , and Oculus Quill (2.5D) combined in Unreal Engine.

Check out our trailer featuring a glimpse of David Yockel Jr.’s film score!

Release Date: Spring 2020 (coming soon!)
Director: mari jaye blanchard
VR Technical Director: Mark Reisch
Sound Designer: Vicky Mejia Yepes